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Helping businesses
of all sizes and sectors to reach their true potential

Garnell are an award-winning and fully-independent corporate communications company. Our industry expertise and product portfolio spans across mobile, hosted, broadband and cloud solutions. Our unique ability to help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency has seen us become one of Britain’s most trusted B2B communications providers. 

Why do businesses use Garnell?

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Dedicated Account Manager

Every Garnell client benefits from an experienced dedicated account manager to support you alongside our customer support team.

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Pro-active Cost Savings

All our clients benefit monthly data usage analysis and cost saving recommendations. We pro-actively identify charges and usage patterns to avoid bill shock and reduce monthly costs.

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100% Independent 

25 Years of Experience

Unlike most corporate communication companies, we're 100% independent. This means we have access to the broadest and most competitive solutions bespoke to your needs.

Since 1997, Garnell have helped 1000's of businesses to reach their potential. Along the way, we've won numerous industry awards and accreditation.

Doing more for our clients...

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        Read our client Case Studies 

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Small & Medium

As an SME business, you don’t have time to worry about your communications – you’re too busy servicing your customers and expanding your company. Garnell are here to provide you with bespoke telecoms and connectivity to help your business thrive, fully supported by our experienced customer service team. 

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Large & Enterprise 

Medium businesses and Enterprise face significant communications challenges that, if left unchecked, can seriously impact company performance, agility and profit. Garnell work with your business to implement comms solutions that optimise both existing capabilities and new technologies, better serving your needs now and in the future.

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Public Sector & Charity

For most organsisations in the public and charity sector, achieving value alongide efficient telecom communicaiton  structures is critical. Thats why Garnell work with our netwrok partners to offer preferential rates and industry leading account management, allowing the organisations to thrive. 

We're an employee-owned business

Garnell became Employee Owned in 2020, securing our ethos, values, and independence for the future. Guided by the principle of keeping the company in the hands of those who helped build it, our partners work closely with the Executive Board to ensure Garnell provides a positive and thriving environment for everyone who works here to flourish.

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Garnell helped a
Top-20 University to streamline their mobile communications and significantly reduce
their spend


The latest at Garnell 

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