Lines & Calls

Finding the best solution for your business is essential. With Garnell's Independence, we have access to all the providers, meaning we can build the most bespoke tariff around your high cost call areas.  




Garnell will help to find the fastest broadband available to you in the area and help manage the roll out and account management.

With high speed fiber broadband transforming the way businesses work, ask one of our team today about options in your area. 


SIP Lines

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a powerful and efficient communications protocl

SIP is ideal if you already have an existing system and supports a wide range of PBX’s. SIP from Garnell will give your business a more flexible, resilient and scalable, cost efficient solution when compared against ISDN.

Garnell provide clients with a feature management portal, enabling you to monitor and make changes to call flow, any other major changes you would like to implement.




MPLS is a protocol agnostic routing technique designed to speed up and shape traffic flows across wide area and service provider networks. Garnell offer a range of options including SD WAN.